Please note: MES is working to keep the ring in the best possible condition. As such we are expecting delivery of sand to the ring early in July so the ring may be closed unexpectedly until the delivery and harrowing can be complete. Thank you for your understanding.


Our Next Meeting will be Thursday July 25, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Metchosin Community House


MES has a Coop Membership #37474

Please use this number whenever possible to help support MES


We have a new Buy, Sell & Trade page on our website. Please draft your notices and provide a photo if possible and send it to for review and publishing.  To keep things fresh, all ads will be dated and removed after 3 months unless the owner requests an extension.


Metchosin District would like to remind equestrians that the municipal fields are out of bounds for riding.    This includes the following:

  • Cricket field behind Municipal Hall
  • Front field - beside jump park between Municipal Hall and Happy Valley Rd.
  • Metchosin School play field 

Please use the Madill Trail and connector trail that is at the top of that trail which winds between the Pavillion and Municipal Hall.  This will get you to other neighborhood trails and the riding ring.


HCBC renewals are recommended by January 1st of the new year.


Club History

The Metchosin Equestrian Society was started in 1988 by local Metchosin horse enthusiasts.In January of the following year MES was formed as a Non-Profit Society.  

Metchosin Pony Club was a main contributor to the construction and upkeep of the ring. 

For over more than 25 years Metchosin Pony Club held many pony rides, clinics, lessons, Prince  Philip Games, Jumping and Dressage shows and summer camps.

In 2017 the Metchosin Pony Club merged with the Greater Victoria Pony Club.


The Metchosin Equestrian Society leases the riding rings, grandstand, concession and horse trailer parking from the District of Metchosin on an annual basis.  

MES maintains the rings, the grandstand/concession area and the nearby parking with volunteer help from the members. 

MES members, in partnership with Metchosin District employees, help to maintain our local trails and often organize work parties to keep them clear and passable. Please check our schedule of events for the next opportunity to help out.


Meetings are held regularly on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. The meetings are held at the Metchosin Community House

4430 Happy Valley Road

next to the Metchosin Fire Hall.

Any changes to regular meetings will be posted!

2018 MES President's Message


This is my first report after being elected President last year. What a great year it has been, lots of learning with a great bunch of Members! 

Here are the highlights of the year!

We started out the year with the Annual Stirrup Cup Ride in January, we had a great group of riders ride out to several stops along the ride to enjoy appetizers and New Year Cheer along the way! Always a great start to the year! 

A few months later we hosted a 2 day Liberty Clinic with Heather Nelson. This was a great success with all the participants that joined the clinic! (I being one of them) It was 2 full days with your horse including group time and one on one time and we all had a great time, learned a lot and bonded with our horses!

In September we were busy organizing Metchosin Day with all the events at the riding ring as well as the concession. We had some crazy rain this year on Metchosin Day but it didn’t hamper the riders and the spectators that came to support! All the riders and horses put on a great show enjoyed doing so! We had a wide range of different types of horsemanship offered to the public to view the many things you can do with horses. The concession was well run with many great volunteers and was busy all day. 

The ring has been well maintained throughout the year with watering in the summer months and frequent harrowing. It has been well used with the Steppers on Tuesdays as well as several coaches giving lessons and using the trot polls and jumps, as well as the members using it on their own! 

We have updated our website this year with easier access to membership forms as well as online E-Transfer for payment of memberships. Overall membership is up this year from last with several more coaches and members! 

Moving forward, we have several members that have risen to help volunteer in several areas in the coming year. We are planning to organize more events at the ring, more trail rides and more informative, educational events! Overall it was a great first year, with lots of learning curves and I look forward to continuing to make the next year a success with the Club! 

Your President

Justine Connor

Metchosin Equestrian Society