Covid 19 and MES

In light of Covid 19, while we work through these challenging times, Metchosin Equestrian will be following the recommendations of the Horse Council of BC. Please monitor the HCBC Covid 19 statements and updates.

Equestrian Canada and the Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization recommends that all facilities that host equestrian-related activities cease public-facing and non-essential activities. Therefore, all scheduled events at the Metchosin Ring or sponsored by the Metchosin Equestrian Society will be cancelled until further notice. 

The Metchosin Ring will remain open for members only to use at their own risk under the following restrictions:

  • Social distancing must be respected at all times. 
  • All jumps and equipment will remain locked under the grandstand. 
  • Please wear gloves at all times when handling any surface. 
  • Please leave the side gate to the ring open, and
  • Please continue to clean up after yourself. 

Our Next Meeting...

Until we can reduce the repercussions of the Covid 19 and it is deemed safe for us to reconvene, all future MES meetings will be cancelled. Any pressing issues will be addressed by email so please feel free to contact us at

Our March meeting was to cover a very important subject for all equestrians. Chief Dunlop was to attend our meeting and speak on the issue of emergency preparedness for livestock. Unfortunately, we will have to postpone her attendance but look forward to rescheduling Chief Dunlop for a future meeting.

MES has a Co-op Membership #37474

Please use this number whenever possible to help support MES

Notice To All Equestrians

Metchosin District would like to remind equestrians that the municipal fields are out of bounds for riding.    This includes the following:

  • Cricket field behind Municipal Hall
  • Front field - beside jump park between Municipal Hall and Happy Valley Rd.
  • Metchosin School play field 

Please use the Madill Trail and connector trails provided throughout the grounds.  This will get you to other neighborhood trails and the riding ring.

HCBC Renewals

HCBC Renewals are recommended by January 1st of the new year.